Keynote Speaker

Dr. Neema Moore

Are you looking for a miracle?

How to go from overwhelmed to empowered

The main force behind Dr. Neema is a deep desire to help individuals achieve their long-term health goals. Whether you’re seeking help with chiropractic care, weight loss, nutrition, or disease prevention, each client is individually evaluated by Dr.Neema and provided with a well-researched and comprehensive plan they can follow for the rest of their lives.

Dr. Neema Moore is a certified chiropractor who attended the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic where she received her Doctor of Chiropractic in 2003. Dr. Neema is committed to educating individuals on how to achieve optimal wellness. It is our goal to provide the best chiropractic care experience possible, so that all may achieve the results of this natural, drugless form of health care. It is our desire that you will understand and appreciate our treatment approach, and inform others that there are effective alternatives available, methods which are proven effective by thousands of satisfied chiropractic patients each and every day.

Visit Dr. Neema Moore at www.doctorneema.com


Tired of Sticking Your Neck Out? Tips for Text or Computer Neck Pain

Debbie Romero

Tired of sticking your neck out?

Join us as we unravel some of the reasons for added neck pain and strain. Learn new positions to relieve forward head posture and neck pain and walk away with tips to compensate for all that texting and computer neck pain.

Debbie has over 20 years experience in alternative health and is a functional movement specialist. Debbie began her career as an Orthopedic massage therapist and managed a full time practice specializing in soft tissue rehabilitation. Seeing a need to help people during daily activities Debbie became a functional movement specialist using the Alexander Technique.

Debbie is certified as an orthopedic massage therapist and Alexander Technique instructor.

For more information about Debbie visit www.optimalposture.org


"Too Sensitive" - Turning a Liability into Your Pathway to Purpose and Bliss

Eka Kapiotis, LMT, CST, RMT, Certified MBI Wayfinder

Have you ever heard, “You’re too sensitive!” or “Stop being so sensitive!”?

Do you sometimes think you are too sensitive, a sponge for other people’s moods and feelings?

Are there times when you feel out of step with the rest of the world?

Does it make you wonder if there’s something wrong with you?

What if I told you that your special sensitivities are a sign that you are a natural-born healer, capable of intuitive experiences that transcend normal awareness?

Please join me for an enlightening discussion about High Sensitivity and how this gift changes everything. Even if you’ve heard about this trait, there is so much more to understand, and… it’s exactly what the world needs right now!

Not sure if you are Highly Sensitive? Take this self-test and bring your results to the session. If you can’t come to the session or don’t want to wait, feel free to reach out to me anytime. I look forward to helping you turn your sensitivity into your pathway to purpose and bliss!!

Are You Highly Sensitive? – The Highly Sensitive Person (hsperson.com)

If you are Highly Sensitive or know someone who is, this is life-changing information!!

All along, Eka knew there were certain clients she loved to work with. They were kind, caring, and often had trouble with boundaries. They also shared a sense there was something more meaningful they could be doing but couldn’t quite get there. When Eka learned about High Sensitivity, it all fell into place. These are women who feel deeply, have a great capacity for empathy and a sense of higher purpose, but who struggle to navigate the crush of expectations placed on them by the outside world. Eka helps women remember their dreams, find their wholeness, and connect with their deep inner truth, a well of courage and confidence, so they can fully share their divine purpose and gifts. Highly Sensitive women intuitively know that if they heal themselves, they will be better able to lift others. And that’s what we all really want, isn’t it?

Feel free to reach out to me at: dreamweavingway@gmail.com and connect with me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/eka.kapiotis


Herbal Allies for a Stress-Less New Year

Cadyn Speziale

As rich with loved ones, good food, long nights, and cozy fires our winter holidays may be, it often seems challenging to come out on the other side of them feeling refreshed, nourished, and tension-free! Learn how the simple addition of a few choice herbs into your daily life can help your entire family ease into this new year with grace, and hopefully, less stress.

After moving to the Front Royal area in 2009 from Georgia -- where she received her B.F.A. and met her husband Drew -- Cadyn Speziale has woven her background in art & design with a lifelong passion for herbs and wellness into Immortal Mountain, the business she co-founded in 2012. Drawing from both her personal experience and formal education in herbalism, Cadyn revels in sharing with her children the joys of identifying, harvesting, and preparing herbs for everyday use. Together as a family they comprise Immortal Mountain, crafting distinctive herbal dark chocolates, botanical extracts, & herbal balms, and growing fresh vegetables, mushrooms, greens, and herbs for the seasonal CSA subscribers of their doorstep-delivered farmstead goods.

Details on their full Chocolate + Botanical lines are available at www.immortalmountain.com


Using Your Why for Healthy Living

Vanessa Santiago

Join us as we discuss how to identify our why, or in other words, our purpose as to why we want to live a long and healthy life. We will also dive into the two main goals we can all set to live a healthier life

Vanessa Santiago is an Associate Extension Agent of Family and Consumer Sciences (Food, Nutrition, and Health) for Virginia Cooperative Extension

Visit www.ext.vsu.edu/vanessa-santiago for more information about Vanessa.


Where Has All Your Mojo Gone? Clearing the Obstacles to Your Creative Energy

Ginger Morgan, Ph.D.

Wondering where your mojo went and how to get it back? Looking for ways to move from burnout (reactive & resentful inertia) to mojo (creative & joyful momentum)? Creativity is accessible to everyone! You can develop a sense of creativity and play which leads to confidence, power and authenticity. You can have the joyful momentum that comes from creating a life you love.

In this talk, Ginger Moran will discuss why the things you’ve been doing to cultivate success - working harder, getting more organized, reading another self-help book, buying more clothes, getting a new house or job, trying to lose weight [again] - are probably missing a crucial component: inner direction. She will walk you through an exercise to tap into your creativity, find your authentic self, and release your inborn genius.

Ginger Moran is a writer as well as a life, creativity, and book coach. She has used the philosophy and tools in this webinar to create her own story of success and can't wait to show you how! She has a Ph.D. in Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Houston on top of her BA and MA in English from UVA. She taught at the University of Houston, Spring Hill College, Fisk University, and UVA. Her life took an exciting turn when she got her certifications as a Martha Beck Life Coach and as a KMCC creativity coach. Ginger has published fiction and memoir in The Virginia Quarterly Review, Feminist Studies, salon.com, Oxford American and other journals, and her first novel, The Algebra of Snow was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Ginger currently writes, coaches, and teaches classes in memoir, fiction writing, and publishing privately. Her new novel, American Queen, was published in November 2020 and her literary mystery, The Body of Summer, in the summer of 2021.