Keynote Speaker

Dr. Neema Moore

Are you looking for a miracle?

How to go from overwhelmed to empowered

The main force behind Dr. Neema is a deep desire to help individuals achieve their long-term health goals. Whether you’re seeking help with chiropractic care, weight loss, nutrition, or disease prevention, each client is individually evaluated by Dr.Neema and provided with a well-researched and comprehensive plan they can follow for the rest of their lives.

Dr. Neema Moore is a certified chiropractor who attended the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic where she received her Doctor of Chiropractic in 2003. Dr. Neema is committed to educating individuals on how to achieve optimal wellness. It is our goal to provide the best chiropractic care experience possible, so that all may achieve the results of this natural, drugless form of health care. It is our desire that you will understand and appreciate our treatment approach, and inform others that there are effective alternatives available, methods which are proven effective by thousands of satisfied chiropractic patients each and every day.


Cultivating Calm: Soothing Body and Mind with Yoga and Mindfulness

Laura Ruby, Joey Waters, Joanna McCue Martin

Join the creators of the Family Yoga Project for insight on the mind under stress and tips for relieving the strain through breath and movement. After a discussion on brain function and social emotional responses to stress, we will introduce mindfulness activities and a simple yoga sequence designed to help you cultivate a sense of calm even under difficult circumstances. Participants will also take away directions on how to make a lavender eye pillow (as well as a small sachet of lavender so that you can create your very own).

About us


JoAnna McCue-Martin has worked in a variety of private and public school settings, with a majority of that time teaching in the classroom. In addition to her classroom work, over the past few years she has supported students and teachers as a social emotional learning coach. She has a passion for supporting teachers and students with mindfulness, trauma informed yoga, and other stress management strategies.

JoAnna has completed the following:

200hr yoga teacher certification

180 trauma informed yoga certification

Creative Kids Yoga certificate

Mindful Schools certification

CRI Trauma certificate

She is currently working on completing Yoga Calm Youth Instructor Training Course

Joey Waters was an elementary educator and school administrator for 40 years. Though she is now retired, she is still learning! In recent years, Joey has been pursuing her interest in teaching yoga and mindfulness to children. Joey is a member of the Front Royal Women’s Resource Center and serves on the Dare to Dream Committee.

Joey has completed or is working on:

  • The Mindful Education Teacher Training

  • Yoga 4 Classrooms Training

  • Currently enrolled in the Yoga Calm Youth Instructor Certification Course.

  • I am a student of yoga with teachers JoAnna Martin and Laura Ruby.

Laura Ruby is owner and instructor at Ruby Yoga in Front Royal. Laura worked for many years as an editor and journalist. Following spinal surgery several years ago, she began to practice yoga regularly, finding pain relief as well as increased mobility, flexibility, and mindfulness. She completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2018 with Christa Mastrangelo Joyce and opened Ruby Yoga in the fall of 2018. Since opening the studio, Laura has continued her yoga education with training in trauma informed yoga and Kidding Around Yoga. In the fall of 2020, Laura, JoAnna, and Joey collaborated to develop the Family Yoga Project, which offered free yoga to school-aged children and their families. They plan to expand the program with additional offerings in the spring of 2021.


Clear, Strong, Generous Boundaries: Healthy Boundaries as a Spiritual Practice

Eka Kapiotis, LMT, CST, RMT, Certified MBI Wayfinder

Eka Kapiotis is an integrative, healing arts therapist who works with body, mind and spirit. She helps intuitive, caring women who secretly believe they have a deeper calling remember their dreams and make magical connections that empower change so they can weave a new reality. She helps them get clarity and courage, so they have confidence and can fully share their divine purpose and gifts. Women intuitively know that if they heal themselves, they will be better able to lift others. And that’s what we all really want, isn’t it?

Stop Over-Giving and Start Being True to You so Everyone Wins!

Do you spend so much time helping others that you don’t have time for yourself?

Have you set aside your own dreams to take care of others’?

Have you put others first for so long, you’re not even sure what you want?

You’re not alone!

As women, we’ve been taught that we must care for others first.

But there’s a big secret out there: taking care of yourself is not only good for your body, mind and spirit, but for everyone else’s, too.

In our session, you’ll practice taking care of yourself by recognizing what the truth feels like in your body.

You’ll experience how the truth creates integrity and energizes you.

You’ll learn practical ways to make choices that keep you clear, strong and generous.

When you stand in your true nature, you’ll be able to communicate your desires in a way that lifts others as well.


Coping with a Money Crunch

Karen Poff

Coping with a Money Crunch, can help those who are struggling with financial hardships because of the pandemic! Get information about relief options, budgeting, community resources, prioritizing, contacting creditors, and avoiding scams and risky loans. Karen will show participants how to make their own plan to cope or help someone they care about get through the crisis.

Karen Poff has served as an Extension Agent with Virginia Cooperative Extension for 33 years. She is responsible for planning, implementing, and evaluating research-based Extension educational programs related to financial management, housing and consumer education in the Northern Shenandoah Valley. She received her undergraduate degree in Family and Consumer Studies from Radford University in 1987, her Master's in Public Administration from James Madison University in 1992, and has been an Accredited Financial Counselor since 2007. Karen feels blessed to be able to help people improve the quality of their lives through financial education.

Mental Health

The Wheel of Life

Barbara Martin

The Wheel of Life is a simple but powerful tool that helps you visualize all the important areas of your life at once. It is often used by life coaches and career coaches to give their clients a "bird's eye" view of their lives. By looking at a visual representation of all the areas of your life at once, the wheel helps you to better understand which of your life areas are flourishing and which ones need the most attention.

Barbara Martin is a big believer in Mindfulness. Mindfulness is being fully present and aware of everything around you; your surroundings, people and thoughts, and I believe it is essential to a happy and healthy life. She is certified Martha Beck Life Coach. Her practice, Women in Transition offers women insight into their “limiting beliefs” that are holding them back from being their authentic selves. She currently serves on the Washington County Commission for Women (WCCW) and is the chairperson of the WCCW Women’s Expo. She and her husband have raised and homeschooled 4 boys. After 30 years of ice hockey, soccer, baseball and academic events they are learning to create their own life of their currently empty nest by reconnecting and contributing to the community in different ways.

Personal Safety

Situational Awareness and Personal Safety

Sergeant Jason Winner

Sergeant Jason Winner began his career with Front Royal police in 2001 after graduating from Virginia Tech and is currently Detective Sergeant supervising the Criminal Investigations Division. He started in patrol, working up to rank of Corporal, transferring to Criminal Investigations in 2009 as a Detective, he was promoted to Sergeant for patrol in 2013, finally, transferring back to Criminal Investigations, as Detective Sergeant in 2017. He is a previous member of the SWAT team.

When he began teaching arrest tactics (in 2011), there wasn’t space to practice techniques, this led to a partnership with the Community where he used space at a dance studio (TAP Etc.) for training, in return, he started teaching personal safety techniques to the dance students. This grew into a bigger program of Women’s self-defense, which pre-Covid, was presented at the new facility at 900 Monroe Ave. He has background in several styles of martial arts, including: Karate, Aikido, Fung Fu, Krav Maga and Ju-jitsu, has completed Level One Gracie Survival Tactics instructor training and Krav Maga combative boot camp, in addition to several other advanced control tactics training classes. Currently, he is the lead defensive tactics (arrest tactics) instructor for the Front Royal Police and routinely teaches arrest tactics at the Regional Criminal Justice Academy. He lives in Woodstock and is the father of four children.